Jack MacDonald

General Info

  • LocationRaleigh NC, 27606
  • E-mailjmmacdo4@ncsu.edu
  • Phone (704) 299-7093

Work Experience

  • Software Development Intern

    Prometheus Group

    Fall 2019

    I worked with two React Redux webapps used for role and configuration management. Our team had daily standups and used Jira for Agile sprint managmenet.

  • Software Development Intern

    Wells Fargo Securities

    Summer 2019

    I built a webapp using React.js and Spring that could view/update/delete entries in an Oracle Coherence Cache.

  • Undergrad Research Assistant

    NC State University

    Spring 2019

    I worked with a small team to develop Athlete360, an athlete management system with a Django backend and Angular frontend.

  • Test Automation Engineer

    Sunbird DCIM

    October 2018 - January 2019

    I work on a Ruby on Rails web application called PowerIQ. Some tools I used include RSpec, Selenium, Capybara, and Postman.

  • Teaching Assistant - Java 2

    North Carolina State University


    Taught a lab section of thirty students, including presentations and public speaking. Worked one on one with many students, which required quick analysis of problems and how to solve them.


  • 2020/2021

    Bachelor of Science and Master of Computer Science

    North Carolina State University

    GPA: 4.0

    I am currently on the Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's track at NC State, and I am currently entering my senior year. I am enrolled in Software Security as well as graduate level Artificial Intelligence and Compilers.I have completed classes such as Software Engineering, Database Management Systems, C and Software Tools, Operating Systems, Assembly Language Programming, Java 1 & 2, and Data Structures.

Technical Skills


I built a React app during my time at Wells Fargo. Combined with Reactstrap, I created a clean and scaleable product that is used internally by ~50 users at Wells Fargo Securities. I love that React has fast development times and lots of packages to get you moving faster.


I learned Python for my Automata course and Django web application Athlete360. I love python because of how intuitive it is to use. The pre-built datastructes like dictionaries and tuples make solving problems easier and faster.


I have taken 3 collegiate courses in Java development, including one data Structures and algorithms course. My Java foundation is rock solid, and I have expanded it into the web development arena. My project uses Spring Boot, Maven, and Heroku. I've also used AngularJS, Hibernate, Cucumber, and Selenium.


I have taken two courses, C & Software Tools and Operating Systems, that used extensive amounts of C. I have also used C in a few small side projects. I am comfortable with a list of pointers to pointers, memory allocation, and all the fun that comes with C.


I worked with Ruby during my time with Sunbird. More specifically, I worked with Rails, Capybara, and RSpec. I love working with Ruby because it's easy to handle and is fairly intuitive.


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My personal projects

My Personal Website

My website built using Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS


Python script to automatically generate a course grade calculator